Straits of Gibraltar

We woke up early, 5.30 am, to take profit of the high tide and hopefully of the right currents to pass the Detroit. However, our calculations were wrong and we endured currents of 3 to 4 knots right in the nose. Luckily, a strong wind, coming from the east, pushed us in front of the Atlantic’s doors. Crossing the Detroit is like we imagined. Giants of the seas, container ships and oil tankers, force themselves the way in both directions and we must be watchful. The sea is heavy and the swell of breaker waves shocks against Williwaw’s hull. The sky is full of large grey clouds and local rainstorms can be seen on the horizon.

In this scenery of an ending tempest, a massive shoal of dolphins comes to play in our stem. Several groups of ten or more individuals, of all sizes, greet us and wish us fair winds for the Atlantic. We even spot a rorqual (whale), which seemed to be a little in trouble. We were only able to hope that he safely reached the ocean, as incidents with large boats are common in this area.

We finally passed the extreme southern part of Europe and the Atlantic was waiting in front of us. A long and strong swell welcomed us as if the ocean wanted to mark its limits with the small Mediterranean Sea. The depression was behind us and we were feeling confident at the start of our Atlantic journey, quite proud to be survivors of the emblematic crossing of the Gibraltar’s Detroit.