Our actions

« Billions of people live without clean drinking water. »

Gérard PAYEN

From the filters distribution to children awareness, every single actions of Sail for Water will fight this terrible reality!

In partnership with NGO Waves for Water, engaged in actions against unclean water for more than 5 years and which have already distributed more than 100,000 filters in a dozen countries, Sail for Water’s mission statement is to go on with the distribution of filters and push it forward in areas that, according to WHO and UNICEF, are severely affected by unclean water, to maintain previous Waves for Water’s actions and reach many others communities still in need.

At each port of call, and thanks to Waves for Water’s network, we will meet local NGOs in order to distribute filters to the most vulnerable and in need communities. The 1 000 PointOne filters  will be split between Central America, Oceania and Africa (see our journey).

Recent studies by WHO suggest that more that 2,5 billion people still don’t have access to a decent latrine and that 1 billion still have to defecate openly (See Article on water issues in the world).

It implies that, with a better hygiene, many diseases/infections could be avoided. For this reason, hand in hand with local NGOs, hygiene education will also be provided to communities during each field action in order to reduce even more contamination risks.

Sail for Water is also a great collaborative adventure which aims to get its members completely involved, to raise awareness of the vital importance of the cause they defend and the utility of their engagement.

Thus, you have the possibility to target your commitment by choosing the country you want the filters you have funded to be distributed (choice should be indicated clearly during the donation process)

The crew also proposes you to join them and spend a week on the boat together, during which you will have the opportunity to complete one of the 22 filters distribution actions, on the ground.

In partnership with Glowbule, live with cancer, an association which work hard to improve patients’ everyday life, especially children with leukemia in isolated clean-room environment, we will create an educational program and playful activities in addition of their existing classes.

Through a worldwide scale treasure hunt, kids will be able to participate and follow our adventure. It also aims to make them aware of the risks linked to unclean water and develop their environmental consciousness from an early age.

A fortnightly web-series will allow all of you to follow our adventures. Different themes will be raised: access to clean water around the world, our different actions on the ground, but also sailing training, discovery of our Earth and its populations, and environmental protection issues.

Because sailing-boat is the perfect green transportation mode and because the three of us care very deeply about environmental protection, the all crew will dedicate its time at sea and all its energy to civic sciences.

Therefore, we will participate to international research programs all along our journey (samples for scientific protocol, beacon drop-off, observation of ecosystems).

To anchor our project in France and because Sail for Water aims to become permanent, we will create many post- around the world actions.

  • Awareness-raising campaign: we will use films of our missions around the world to realize a choc awareness-raising campaign in order to show to a wide audience the realities of access to clean water issues.
  • Conferences: in parallel with the launch of the awareness-raising campaign, we will organize several public conferences to debate about issues related to access to clean drinkable water. It will be a great opportunity to give a complete feedback of our experience, telling our stories and insisting on the necessity to pursue preventing actions to promote a universal access to clean drinkable water.
  • The “Route de l’Eau” race: we will organize a race, open to all who wants to be useful by living an extraordinary adventure. The main objective of this race is to raise funds to go ahead in the delivery of filters and continue to give access to clean drinkable water around the world.
  • Publishing a travel diary to tell you all the details of our adventure with lot of incredible pictures.